Company logo
Company logo

1, the logo pattern from "Weifang Changda Construction Group" "Chang" (Chang word) the first initials "C" shape;

2, Center for the design of building profile silhouette, highlighting the characteristics of the industry;

3 on the left side and the central pattern contains two "J", meaning "Department of Weifang Changda Construction Group" brand name (a word), (in words) the first initials "J", echoing the name;

4, the central pattern underpinning as the horizon, symbol in the broad horizon, the group of employees for the benefit of the people, erected a thousand million;

5.The pattern on the right side there is a "virtual circle", meaning "Chaoyang", a symbol of the development of the construction industry and the group, and ritonghui, prosperity;

6, the red and white pattern color, contrast, concise and lively. Rigorous modeling, solid stability.

7. The flag is blue. The logo is in the center.

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